Absolutely Perfect Tom Selleck Birthday Cakes

Spoiler alert: Luscious chest hair ahead.

1. 1. Bare Chested Buttercream

We call a slice of the curly man hair!

2. 2. Candelit Tribute

Selleck looks great with or without the mood lighting.

3. 3. Photo Opp Cake

We’re just impressed this man can handle the Tom Selleck heat that close to his face.

4. 4. Tom Selleck Oasis

Praise the lord of all that is sandy and magnificent.

5. 5. Homemade Handsome

Well. His mustache looks great.

6. 6. More Than Just a Pretty Chest

In case you forgot, Tom Selleck also has a great face.

7. 7. Sexed-Up Fondant

As well as a strong jawline!

8. But who really needs a Selleck cake, when you think about it…?

Damn right.

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