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    8 Hilarious Reasons Why "Amish Mafia" Is Fake

    Here's the thing about reality TV: It's all completely and totally real. Obviously.

    Exhibit A: The Opening Credits

    Exhibit B: Amish Capoeira

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    In episode three of Amish Mafia, Jolin competes in a Mixed Martial Arts fight…in a barn…surrounded by hay...Cool!

    Except that when York Blog asked Discovery Channel if the scene was choreographed, a spokeswoman replied with, “The fight is a recreate since the actual barn fights are sporting events that would need to be sanctioned.”


    Bringing into evidence...The Breaking Amish connection

    Exhibit Trashy: Baby's First Tramp Stamp

    The prosecution calls the Lancaster PD to the stand

    Exhibit F: "The idea of an Amish Mafia is simply fictional."

    False Accusations

    Closing Arguments