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27 Nicole Kidman Reactions That Perfectly Sum Up Your Life

This saucy Aussie understands us all.

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1. When you see someone you know but can't remember their name.

Getty Images Dave J Hogan

2. When you meet someone who says they "just really aren't into Game of Thrones."

AFP / Getty Images TIM SLOAN

3. When you're shopping at Target and you see someone you hate and realize you're going to have to make small talk.

4. When someone just texts you back "OK."

Getty Images / Via Pascal Le Segretain

5. When you're desperately trying to leave a party and someone strikes up a conversation with you.


6. When you're in the locker room at the gym and someone walks out of the shower completely naked.

FilmMagic Michael Tran

7. When you're in the bathroom and hear a coworker pooping.

Getty Images Jason Merritt

8. When you cancel plans with your friends last minute because all you want to do is eat mac and cheese and watch TV.

WireImage Don Arnold

9. When you're at a stop sign and it's your turn to go, but the other driver cuts you off.

Getty Images / Via Vittorio Zunino Celotto

10. When your coworker is chewing really loudly at their desk and it's all you can do not to slap them.

Bazmark Films / Via

11. When someone asks "Is everything OK?" just because you're being quiet.

Getty Images / Via Scott Barbour

12. When your phone is about to die, but the charger is across the room.

WireImage Brian To

13. When you're stuck in a meeting and there's that one guy who just won't shut the fuck up.

AFP / Getty Images TIM SLOAN

14. When the delivery you ordered comes 20 minutes early and the angels start to sing.

Bazmark Films / Via

15. When someone you hate makes a joke and you just can't hide your rage.

WireImage Vera Anderson

16. When your friend calls you to say that her terrible ex is dating someone new.

FilmMagic Jeff Kravitz

17. When you're a little tipsy off margaritas and decide to ~casually~ eye-flirt with the hot guy across the room.

18. When you see someone wearing Crocs.

Getty Images Jason Merritt

19. When your friend tells you to keep a secret and then you end up telling everyone you know.

WireImage Jeff Vespa

20. When someone sits next to you, even though there are a million empty seats available.

Getty Images Pascal Le Segretain

21. When your ex drunk texts something embarrassing and you realize you've officially won at life.

Bazmark Films / Via

22. When you open the door for someone and they don't say, "Thank you."

WireImage Lester Cohen

23. When someone you just met goes in for a hug and you're not emotional prepared for it.

Getty Images Evan Agostini

24. When you're talking to someone really beautiful and end up just accidentally creepy staring at them.

Getty Images Kevin Winter

25. When someone you haven't spoken to in years likes one of your Facebook posts.

WireImage George Pimentel

26. When you have to act surprised after your friend says she broke up with someone you hated.

Getty Images Kevin Winter

27. When you realize someone is jealous and it makes you insanely happy.

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