25 Pieces Of “Dexter” Fan Art Worthy Of A Final Season Tribute

The dark passenger abides!

1. “Dexter,” by Adam Spizak.

2. “Just Dexter,” by Rahead.

3. Untitled by Lucius Ferguson.

5. Made with Photoshop and Painter.

6. Pencil drawing of Dexter, mixed with Photoshop splatters.

7. “The Ice Truck Killer”

8. Minimalist trophy blood slide box.

Just $10.96 on Etsy!

9. Four layers of stencil created this Dexter print.

It can be yours for $60.

10. Hand sketched and painted on canvas.

11. T is for Trinity.

12. This hand, a victim of the Ice Truck Killer, is handmade.

No pun intended!

13. Deb pop art on a canvas panel.

She’s all yours for $32.

15. Digitally printed Dexter pop art.

16. “Ice Truck Killer”

20. “Movie Study: Hannah”

21. “Taddaa - It’s Dexter”

22. Drawn with fine and ultra fine red and black sharpie marker.

23. “Darkly Dreaming Dexter”

24. Made with digital art and photo manipulation.

25. “Dexter and Deb” by Erin Hunting.

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