24 Reasons Why I Want To Be BFFs With Rose Leslie From "Game Of Thrones"

It's not just that she's the most epic part of Game of Thrones. It's also because she's a hot redhead.

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2. Sure, you know her as my BFF, but before that she was a legit actress on Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones.


"I love the fact that the two roles are so versatile, and I think being a part of that brilliant show, Downton Abbey, opened the Game of Thrones doors for me, being a northerner and all that, keeping with the accent. It was really fantastic to be in both shows," my BFF said.

12. Speaking of being a redhead, she thinks all of those ginger stereotypes are bull.

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Well, OK, I added the bull part. Rose would probs never say that, because she's a beautiful unicorn sent from heaven, but she did say this: "I've kind of heard it all my life, especially being brought up in Scotland by a lot of gingers. 'Redheads have this big temper' and, 'You don't want to step on the wrong side of a redhead because you know, they'll flip their lid.' But I'm not really good at being in an argument. I'm pretty terrible. Maybe if you back me into a corner."

14. If you want her to sign your weird body part at Comic-Con, she's totally down.

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In fact, signing someone's forehead was one of the highlights of her 'Con experience. So, start unbuttoning those shirts, fellas.