22 Reasons Why Klaus Is An Undeniably Hot Sociopath

Sure, he’s a monster on Vampire Diaries, but look at those dimples! Dang, Klaus, dang.

1. Everyone, this is Klaus from “The Vampire Diaries.” Klaus, this is everyone!

Be nice, Klaus!

2. For those of you who don’t know, he’s a hybrid, which makes him a vampire AND a werewolf.

3. But not just your run-of-the-mill blood sucker, because he’s an Original Vampire, which makes him one of the oldest vamps in the world.

See that long, youthful hair? That’s from his younger days, when he was say, oh, a thousand years old.

4. He’s also arguably the most evil character in the series.

5. He’s so evil that the other characters on the show spend a large chunk of time trying to destroy him.

In this episode, they put him in a coffin, chained him up, then staked him to try and end his life. Didn’t work, thankfully.

6. Even though he’s a maniacal, sadistic, and blood thirsty psychopath, there’s just something about him…

7. Something, I dunno, undeniably sexy.

8. Maybe it’s his saucy British accent.

9. Or the way he chews his food and his lips just kind of, I dunno, are perfect.

10. Did I mention he has super cute dimples? They’re, like, completely adorable.

11. And, yes, he’s still pure evil and kills a lot of innocent people. Yada, yada, psycho, yada…

Seriously though, he kills a lot of people.

12. But he’s also psychotically hot… right?

13. Like, in a brooding, “I might kill you” kinda way.

14. I mean, just look at him in this tux! He’s handsome! He’s suave! The boy cleans up.

15. And to his credit, Klaus knows that he’s not the easiest person to get along with.

Hell, I have best friends who are psychos and won’t ever admit it.

16. Plus, there’s the fact that he’s usually only nice to one person, and her name is Caroline.

In the shipping world, these two are known as Klaroline. Long live Klaroline!

17. And even though Caroline always resists his advances, he’s persistent. And that’s sexy.

Now the matter of how she’s able to resist him, we can’t fully answer.

19. So, yes, Klaus is a monster.

20. But he’s also an endearing monster, partly because of his charming face.

21. And his charming body.

22. So, have I persuaded you to agree with me or what?!

Hello, Klaus’s tongue.

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