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14 Bloodthirsty Secrets From The "Dexter" Set

Warning: You may never look at a kill room the same way again.

This is Joshua Meltzer, the Prop Master on Dexter.

Ready to peek at some Dexter magic?!

1. Dexter uses two syringe needles when he's tranquilizing his victims.

One is a real needle with a sharp point, which is what we see. The other has a retractable needle, which is what Dexter "punctures" the skin with.

2. There's a secret recipe for the blood used on set...

3. When Dexter collects a blood sample, it's that same maple syrup blend.

But when we see the slide in its case, the finished product is actually made from furniture dye.

4. When Dexter slices into his victim's to get that blood sample, he's not really cutting them.

Here's a knife with a rig, and that little pouch on the handle gets filled with maple syrup-peppermint blood.

And all you have to do is press down to get the blood to ooze out.

5. See that pool of blood? It's not actually blood, or maple syrup...

It's a "blood pool" made from acetate, and can be picked up and thrown into any blood circle Dexter creates.

6. It takes 12 hours to set up a typical Dexter kill room.

7. The actors on the kill table are actually naked.

8. The way Dexter wraps his victims has changed over the seasons.

9. They use real chainsaws and knives in the kill rooms.

10. Dexter uses four knives to create a kill.

Here you can see two versions of the Hero Kill Knife: The normal knife, and the retractable version.

And here's the full bevy of options Dex has in his kill kit.

11. Remember those iconic painted nails the Ice Truck Killer left as his calling card?

That "block of ice" they were frozen in is actually a solid block of acetate.

12. It takes a few weeks to make a fake head.

13. A body goes into three trash bags, and there are fake body parts in those bags.

Also, the Dexter prop supply room has bins full of fake body parts.

14. Season 8 challenge: Find the fake dead body.