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12 Beauty Hacks For Redheads That You Must Try

Make your red locks even more fabulous than they already are!

1. To prevent split ends and make your hair super shiny, try this 30 minute coconut oil hair mask.

2. Look for shampoo that's sulfate-free!

3. If you're like me, then going out in the sun means your hair gets blonder! To get the red back, ask your hairstylist for a 15-minute hair gloss. The result? Back to vibrant red.

4. Or if you want a lighter shade of red, mix cinnamon into your conditioner!

5. And if you have any cranberry juice in the fridge, then try a cranberry rinse in your hair (Nicole Kidman swears by it!).

6. If your eyebrows and lashes are fair and you're looking to darken them, you can use a tinted brow gel and fan brush.

7. If you're a fair-skinned ginge, use a sunscreen that's non-greasy and doesn't leave you smelling like, well, sunscreen.

8. Spritz peppermint oil on your damp hair for a color boost! (Bonus: You'll smell like happiness.)

9. Up your Vitamin D intake to protect your skin from the sun!

10. Amp up your sunscreen game by priming your skin with an antioxidant serum.

11. Your hair is all kinds of unique, so opt for redhead-friendly hair accessories, like this bun maker from How to be a Redhead.

A pack of 3 is just $8.45!

12. There's also redhead-approved bobby pins and hair ties!

Because a black hair tie just isn't your shade.

Oh, and remember that being a redhead makes you exponentially more fabulous than most people.