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11 Shows You Might Not Have Known Were Spin-Offs

You've got to get your start somewhere, right?

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4. Saved by the Bell

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That's right, Baysiders, Good Morning, Miss Bliss started with only Zack, Screech, and Lisa.

All we can say is that we're glad they had the good sense to add in Kelly, A.C., and Jessie to The Max. Errr, we mean the mix.


7. Absolutely Fabulous

Like everything else that is wonderful, this BBC show started off as a sketch called "Modern Mother and Daughter." The most fabulous change being the intro of Patsy, the hard-partying best friend.

8. Melrose Place (The Original)

What's better than a show about a bunch of kids in the elite zip code of 90210? How about a bunch of sexy adults all living in the same building?

If only everyone wore black and had great bone structure in real life.


10. The Simpsons

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The Tracy Ullman Show gave this cartoon fam a start, and now that animated series will outlive us all.