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The 10 Worst Kinds Of Instagram Photos, Recreated With LEGO

There are certain people and photos we've all come to despise on Instagram. Here are just a few of those... as told in adorable LEGO style.

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#1 - The "Pumpkin Spice Latte" Shot

Instagram: @thelegodiaries

Me: I'd like a coffee please. Barista: 1 pumpkin spice latte coming up. Me: Just coffee, please. Barista: *slow blinks* But... It's Fall... #EveryTime

#2 - The "Artisanal Coffee" Shot

Instagram: @thelegodiaries

Gotta get this #coffee pic just right! ☕️ #CoffeeGram

#3 - The "Woke Up Like This" Shot

Instagram: @thelegodiaries

Hash tag woke up like this... Hash tag so sleepy... Hmmm, hash tag bae caught me sleepin'. 😴

#4 - The "Look I AM Exercising!" Shot

Instagram: @thelegodiaries

Ruuuuuuunnnnnnnnnn! 😮

#5 - The "It Isn't Food 'Til You Photograph It" Shot

Instagram: @thelegodiaries

Dinner took a little longer to get to tonight as she had to get the "perfect shot"... 😐

#6 - The "Look at Me I Hate Adulting" Shot

Instagram: @thelegodiaries

Mow the lawn, they said. It'll be easy, they said. I hate adulting!

#7 - The "Leaping in the Air" Fashion Blogger Shot

Instagram: @thelegodiaries

Solid color wall = CHECK! Jumping mid-air = CHECK! Boyfriend posing as photographer = CHECK! #FashionBloggers move over, there's a new girl in town! 💋

#8 - The "I Definitely Do Yoga" Shot

Instagram: @thelegodiaries

Serenity now, they said. 😫

#9 - The "Look at How Romantic We Are" Shot

Instagram: @thelegodiaries

Snuck out tonight to see if we could catch any of the #Perseid #MeteorShower ⭐️🌟💫 Now let's let everyone know just how sweet we are for each other!

#10 - The "We SO Outdoorsy" Shot

Instagram: @thelegodiaries

Going for a hike. 🌲🌳 Yep... another hike... Gotta let everyone know we hike. Hash tag outdoors, hash tag relationship goals, hash tag fresh air...

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