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    Upcoming Lance Armstrong Biopic Has Found Its Star

    What am I on? I'm on my bike, in a movie about bicyclists.

    Looks like we're getting that Hollywood-produced biopic of admitted doper and ex-Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong that we never asked for.

    Peter Dejong, File / AP

    The star of the movie will be Ben Foster, an actor with a lengthy résumé but who's probably largely unknown to mainstream audiences. (Judging strictly on resemblance, this could probably work out.)

    Via Armstrong: Peter Dejong, File; Foster: Getty, Ilya S. Savenok

    Foster will need to work on his biking technique day and night to replicate Armstrong's physique, but with hard work, he'll get there.

    Perhaps most encouraging is that screenwriter John Hodge, who did Trainspotting, is writing the script, so at least we know the whole drug angle is fully covered.

    via Deadline