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This Moonshot Home Run Sent The Los Angeles Dodgers To The National League Championship Series

Juan Uribe, hero.

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It wasn't looking good for the Dodgers in Game 4 Monday night, down by a run late and looking at a Game 5 in Atlanta, but Juan Uribe would have NONE OF THIS. His two-run home run gave the Dodgers a lead they wouldn't relinquish.

Here it is in super-cool super slo-mo.

And this is what it looked like from beyond the foul pole.

The Braves could not counter in the top of the ninth, and it was all over but the celebrating. The Dodgers will now face either the Pirates or the Cardinals for the National League pennant.

Things did get a bit weird when Yasiel Puig emptied a Gatorade container on the TBS camera. (For once, Craig Sager's suit looked kind of normal.)

Above all, let's not forget that the only reason Uribe hit the home run is because he failed to get a bunt down. (Remember, kids: Bunting is bad for your health.)

The scene inside the Dodgers locker room was pretty jubilant, as you'd expect.

Here's the full video of Uribe's blast:


And here's how the game ended: