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    Baseball Dads Everywhere Will Appreciate This Perfect Example Of Heads-Up Baserunning

    The legend of Jonathan Villar continues.

    We first learned of Jonathan Villar's prowess on the basepaths not a week ago when he dashed around from second base on an untimely error to win the game for the Houston Astros.

    The speed, the instincts – could he possibly top this feat so soon?

    Well, a straight steal of home when the pitcher isn't paying attention most likely qualifies.

    No matter the angle, Villar was brilliant.

    Wei-Yin Chen tried to make up for his sleepiness later on with this sick, underhand glove toss to nab (who else?) Villar at first base.

    But, really now. This will always win out.

    CORRECTION: The Orioles' pitcher tonight was Wei-Yin Chen. An earlier version of this post misidentified him. (7/31/13)