The Most Dramatic Way To Win A Baseball Game

A come-from-behind, extra-innings, inside-the-park, walk-off shot at home? Check, check, check, check, and CHECK.

Giants outfielder Angel Pagan did not want to send the fans home sad on a beautiful San Francisco afternoon, so he launched this shot to AT&T Park’s “Triples Alley.” But this was better than any triple.

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When did Pagan know he had this? AT SECOND BASE.

Still, the relay throw looked like it may have a shot to nail Pagan.

But the throw forced the Rockies catcher to turn to his right, away from the play, and Pagan was home-free.

Although, it’s hard to catch anyone when they’re running at faster-than-light speeds.

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The first inside-the-park home run of the year is of the *walkoff* variety!! Angel Pagan wins the game with his 14.73 sec sprint home!!!

Was the best part when third base coach Tim Flannery ran alongside the baseline like a maniac? Yes, yes it was.

The last inside-the-park walk-off came in 2004, when Rey Sanchez did it for the Tampa Bay Rays.

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But the last time it happened for the Giants? Bill Terry, whose retired No. 3 hangs in AT&T Park, did it back in 1931. (Video is, well, not available.)

Marquis Grissom also did it for the Expos back in August 1994, 11 days before the players strike ended the season.

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And in 1979, Willie Wilson did it for the Royals against the Yankees. / Via Twitter: @obxleatherman

So Pagan’s feat wasn’t the rarest thing ever seen on a baseball diamond, but nothing may be cooler. Dave Flemming’s radio call on KNBR? Chills.

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