The Best GIFs Of NFL Week 6: Football Hulk SMASH

Also featuring the most excited football-cheering kids EVER.

1. Angry Tom Brady In Super Slo-Mo Is SO ANGRY

He would not stay so angry for long. Onward, dear reader.

2. These Crazy-Excited Texans-Rooting Kids Are Awesome

I mean, the Texans were getting their butts handed to them, and these kids just went COMPLETELY BONKERS when Houston scored a late, meaningless touchdown. We should all be such good fans.


We don’t really want to ask too many questions here. Moving on.

4. Visual Proof That The Jaguars Actually Had A Puncher’s Chance Of Beating Denver

Cutting the deficit to two points midway through the third quarter was as close as the dreadful Jags would get, but for a 27-point underdog, that’s better than a lot of the other potential outcomes.

5. The NFL’s Best Tight End Plays By The Bay

Vernon Davis with 171 receiving yards and two TDs…in the first half. He’s got some talent.

6. Your Weekly Reminder That Football Is A Violent And Dangerous Sport

Danny Amendola did get up and walk off under his own power, but he knocked out cold on this play, which was legal.

7. Superfans Of The Week: Buffalo Edition

They probably weren’t so happy when the home team lost in overtime to Cincinnati, but man, they did their job today.

8. Someone Clearly Enjoyed Seeing Gravity

LeSean McCoy can defy all kinds of Gs, it seems. (He just needs to hold onto the football as he does.)

9. Stressed-Out Fan Of The Week: Minnesota Edition

Breathe, friend. Breathe.

10. Mike Tolbert’s Dance Of Seduction

Possibly NSFW. (Most definitely.)

11. Just The Facts (And A Win)

Mike Tomlin’s shades game is not to be trifled with.

12. Aaron Rodgers And The Case Of The Perfect Pass

There is nothing more to say about this. Teach this in quarterback school. That’s how you use this GIF for the greater good.

13. Flipping The Script

When you’re 0-4 and looking for your first win, you squeeze whatever iota of joy you can from the game. Good for you, Emmanuel Sanders.

14. Rams Bros: A Thing That Exists

They were so smugly happy, especially Dickerson there on the left. Gah, so punchable.

15. Yoink Of The Week

Tashaun Gipson picking some pockets in the end zone. He’s the friend who’s always got an extra $20 when you need it most.

16. Joseph Fauria, Dance Machine

You score three touchdowns and you can dance however the hell you want. That’s how it works.


Peyton Manning was not injured on this play, but AHHHHHHHH imagine if he had been. Jason Babin would’ve been in Witness Protection by halftime.

18. So High, He Can Touch The Sky

Kenny Stills went positively vertical to snag this Drew Brees bomb and put the Saints in prime position to knock off the Pats. (Eh, right, well, more on that later.)

19. Chiefs’ Undefeated Status Update: INTACT

Undefeated and 6-0 for the first time since 2003, the Chiefs handled the Raiders with relative ease. A stifling defense that produces 10 sacks will do that.

20. Brittan Golden Probably Isn’t Very Good At Poker

Can you tell he’s surprised by hauling in this 53-yard pass? Imagine the face he’d made if the Cardinals actually won the game.

21. Don’t Ever Bring Your Puppet To An NFL Game

Just don’t.


Rob Ryan feeling all the emotions after a crushing loss to the Patriots.

23. Tom Brady Postgame Fashion Update: Country Club Edition

Tom Brady dressed as a member of Erasure this evening.

— Drew Magary (@drewmagary)

Drew Magary


Tom Brady dressed as a member of Erasure this evening.

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