The Best GIFs Of NFL Week 10: Face Off

Also featuring some insane hand-eye coordination, a mid-air bump gone horribly wrong, and the Terrio touchdown dance to end all others.

1. In Which The Jaguars Score The First Touchdown Of Week 11

We just knew it’d be one of those days.


Dale Zanine / USA Today / Reuters

Holy hell, Marshawn Lynch. Don’t hurt ‘em.

3. The Terrio Dance To End All Others

Tavon Austin scores three touchdowns and records more than 310 all-purpose yards, but it’s the Terrio Dance we’ll all remember. Damn straight.

4. DeSean Jackson Did Not Draw It Up Like This

Regardless, he’ll take the touchdown and taunt you all the same.

5. Let’s All Stare At Jay Cutler’s Hand Lump


6. The Giants Need To Work On Everything, In One GIF

Brandon Jacobs with the inadvertent takedown of his own teammate, Andre Brown.

7. What We Talk About When We Talk About Losing To The Jacksonville Jaguars

All the feels.

8. The Bears’ Necessities

Jay Cutler to Brandon Marshall for the TD. AS IT SHOULD BE.

9. All Pack, No Attack

It was never supposed to be like this, Packers fans. Our condolences.

10. Clear Eyes, Full Hands, Can’t Drop

Curtis Compton / Atlanta Journal-Constitution / MCT

Golden Tate sees all, knows all, catches all. (More on this in a bit.)

11. No, Really, Someone Lost To The Jacksonville Jaguars

Congrats on your No. 1 pick in the draft, Tampa Bay.


NIck Fairley, serial hugger.

13. All That Glitters Is Golden

Daniel Shirey / USA Today / Reuters

This catch was so insane that no little GIF will hold it. BEHOLD.

14. When Hail Marys Go Very, Very Right

The Ravens maybe want to work on the tip drill this week because this is some atrocious football-playing here.

15. You Don’t Want To Make Philip Rivers Mad

Actually, nah, it’s OK. Make him mad. Won’t make any difference.

16. Andre Johnson Is Not Human, Part Infinity

What the hell? Really? How is this even possible? I mean, physics, right? Cripes.

17. A Touchdown, A Salute

Chris Long returns a fumble for a touchdown and has a message for our military on this Veterans Day weekend. #usa #usa #usa

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