Backup Quarterback Throws Nice, Tight Spiral Directly Into Sideline Reporter’s Face

Poor Pam Oliver. She barely saw it coming.

1. It can be hard for a young third-string quarterback to make a name for himself. Chandler Harnish knows that all too well.

Michael Conroy / AP

2. So, Harnish was warming up before last night’s Colts-Giants game and he threw this immaculate spiral.

3. Quite possibly the most physically perfect spiral that’s ever been attempted.

4. Until it smashed Fox Sports NFL sideline reporter Pam Oliver square in the face.

5. Oliver seemed no worse for the wear.

6. And Harnish apologized for his perfectly errant pass.

7. You know, maybe next time This Guy might want to knock the ball down if, oh, say, he sees it coming straight at someone’s face. Just a thought.


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