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Saddest Baseball Fans Ever Can't Handle This Game-Ending Home Run

Cheer up, Boston.

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A banner moment occurred tonight for Tampa Bay's Jose Lobaton, whose walkoff home run won Game 3 for the Rays and kept their season alive.

Not everyone was thrilled about this development.

The Rays mobbed Lobaton at home plate, overcome with joy that they would play baseball for at least one more day.

But this guy was really not having it, nor was the girl to his left. Their utter despair is palpable.

And yet, this sad Red Sox fan was still able to hold up her sign for one last incredibly sad display of fandom. Just look:

ESPN's Tom Rinaldi, you've reported on some tear-jerkers. Saddest thing you've ever seen?

Yeah, we thought so. Here's the whole happy/sad affair as it happened: