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    Watch A Pro Football Team Attempt The Ol' Eight-Laterals-And-Illegal-Kick Play

    Good effort, Philip Rivers.

    The Titans seemed to have beat the Chargers on this late TD with 15 seconds left.

    A nice grab by Tennessee Titans rookie Justin Hunter, who played his college ball for the Tennessee Volunteers.

    But San Diego got the ball back on the kickoff and wasn't ready give up. According to shoe commercials, champions NEVER give up. Was it over after this pass down the middle with no time on the clock?

    Was it over after the first or second lateral?

    Or the third or fourth lateral?

    Was it over after the fifth? (Which looks like an illegal forward pass?)

    OK, maybe the sixth lateral?

    Well, it was probably over after the seventh or eighth lateral.

    And it was most definitely over after Philip Rivers kicked the ball, which is, ironically, against the rules of "foot"ball.

    OK, the game was more or less over long before most of that. But what a way to go out.