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The Chiefs, Dolphins, And Angry Tom Brady Are On Top Of The NFL

What We Learned And/Or LOL'd At in today's professional American gridiron football games.

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Slippery Rock

The Packers tried to hand off and WHOOPS! then the Bengals picked up the WHAT? but the Packers couldn't quite GAH. Green Bay never recovered from the deficit and fell to 1-2 this season.

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

There's no conceivable reason why Tom Brady would be so frustrated with himself — the Pats did beat the Buccaneers, 23-3 — but we've all been there, Tom. We've all been there.

Packers Go Down And Out

Tight end Jermichael Finley had to leave today's game with a nasty-looking concussion. He tried to make it off the field under his own power — and could not.

The NFC Champions Are In Real Trouble

Opponents have outscored San Francisco 56-10 over the last two weeks. That's not all Colin Kaepernick's fault, sure, but he's not happy about any of it.

At Least We Know RGIII's Arm Is Healthy

This apparent touchdown was called back when the refs ruled the receiver didn't have control through the catch, and the Redskins did lose to the Lions, but we think RGIII is going to be just fine. Calm your Kirk Cousins talk.

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