Declining Ex-NBA Star Allen Iverson Tried To Get A Boxer To Play Russian Roulette On Camera

Come back to us, AI.

During a recent episode of boxer Adrien Broner’s web reality show, former NBA star Allen Iverson made a somewhat disturbing cameo appearance.

Yong Kim/Philadelphia Daily News / MCT

When Broner explains how he’s got his gun with him, Iverson goes somewhere…dark.

Broner’s follow-up that the gun is “fully loaded” does little to dampen Iverson’s bravado.

And even when Broner launches into a truncated but compelling explanation that with a fully loaded pistol, “one shot and you’re dead,” Iverson doesn’t back down.

The cameo ends with a distant-looking Iverson giving what amounts to his endorsement of Broner’s stature in the boxing world, at least before ending with a self-aggrandizing callback.

Here’s the full clip with Iverson’s comments.

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