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    Loathsome Owner Outdoes Self By Employing Dubious "Chief" To Defend "Redskins" Name

    Deadspin catches Dan Snyder.

    Mel Evans / AP

    The ridiculousness of Dan Snyder's ridiculous tenure as Washington Redskins owner is something we've all become familiar with, but it's reassuring to know that someone so comfortable in their role can always come up with a new trick or two.

    The latest comes on the heels of his boisterous announcement that the team will "NEVER" change its name from the offensive slur that it currently is. (The all-caps "never" was specified by Snyder himself and is a nice touch, really.) As part of the PR effort to bolster this stance, Snyder has deployed a man named "Chief" Stephen Dodson to talk about how he doesn't "have a problem with [the name] at all" and his people are "honored" by it. There was even a press release!

    Well, longtime Snyder-side thorn Dave McKenna has dropped the hammer on Dodson and his purported bona fides. Turns out that he's not exactly who we were led to believe he is, by Snyder or league commissioner Roger Goodell, who cited Dodson in a letter to Congress. To start with: Dodson claimed to be an "Inuit...from the Aleutian Tribes," but Aleuts and Inuits are different groups. Read the rest of McKenna's story for more comic/tragic details. It's ridiculous, but there's a positive irony, perhaps: By inadvertently demonstrating how craven Dan Snyder's Redskins organization is, Stephen Dodson might have struck a blow for the cause of decency after all.

    Cliff Owen / AP

    Via Deadspin