Jets Knock Off Brady, Gronkowski After Strange New Penalty Is Called For First Time In NFL History

A new special teams rule comes back to bite New England.

1. The return of otherworldly tight end Rob Gronkowski was supposed to open up the Patriots offense today, and he did make his impact felt throughout the game.

2. Brady targeted Gronk 17 times — more than twice the nearest Pats receiver — and he got burned right after halftime, when Antonio Allen picked him off for a touchdown return.

3. Then late in the game, Gronkowski would’ve have had a game-winning TD if he had only pulled in this catch. A tough one to pull off, but doable.

4. Bob Kraft may not have seen the play due to his abnormally large, vision-obscuring cufflinks.

5. Stephen Gostkowski tied up the game with a field goal shortly thereafter, but Gronk was still upset over his drop. (His mood would not improve.)

6. The Jets had a chance to win the game in overtime and missed a 56-yard field goal — but a controversial penalty gave them fresh life.

7. A weird new rule this season is that you can’t get behind your teammate and push into the scrum during field goal kicks. The refs said that’s what Chris Jones (circled) did on this kick attempt.

8. It was the first time the rule has ever been enforced.

9. Rob Ninkovich was not pleased.

10. Nor was Tom Brady.

11. Stoic on the outside, Brady was probably feeling something akin to this moment from earlier in the game.

12. With new life, the Jets churned down the field and Nick Folk put the game away for real.

13. His celebration might need some work, though.

Joe Camporeale / USA Today Sports / Reuters

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