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India's Rural Olympics Are The Craziest Thing You've Never Seen

Letting tractors run over you? Carrying bricks with your teeth? Balancing plows on your mouth? This ain't London or Rio, friends.

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The "Indian Rural Olympics" is a three-day competition held every winter in the Indian state of Punjab. It's meant to represent a celebration of, well, rural Indian culture. This year was the 77th running of the games, and some of the events are simply astounding.

There's cart racing! Seems totally safe.

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Then there's an event that involves a tractor running over your body.


This looks incredibly painful!


The guy trying to pull the tractor with his teeth seems to have the right idea.


Whatever event requires you to hold up 21 bricks with your teeth, this fellow's a gold medalist.


Is holding up two more bicycles in your teeth more or less painful than the bricks? Let's ask this guy!


Balancing a farm plow on your mouth? Don't try this at home, kids.


How this man is not plummeting to almost certain injury is anyone's guess.

Tens of thousands of visitors attend every year, and everyone takes the events very seriously.

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Until next year ...


h/t Daily Mail/Reddit

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