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    Double Plays Don't Come Much Harder Than This

    That was one giant leap for Chris Stewart.

    Pretty nice effort on Saturday from Yankees catcher Chris Stewart, going back into the stands behind the Fenway Park batter's box and leaping to catch the Dustin Pedroia pop-up.

    But double-crazy-über props to Stewart for then gunning the ball the second to get young Daniel Nava, who tried to capitalize on Stewart's time in the front row.

    The whole play, start to finish, was a master class in the value of an old Little League adage: What will I do if the ball is hit to me?

    Upon closer inspection, Stewart really had to navigate a sea of pro-Boston hands that would've all too pleased to knock the ball away — and you can even see the ball teetering on the outer edge of Stewart's mitt as he pulls away from the stands.

    Michael Dwyer / AP

    The Red Sox fans, naturally, were not pleased with such acrobatics.

    Stewart was downright giddy with the whole moment.

    Dustin Pedroia was frozen in stunned disbelief — although his new $100 million contract, just agreed upon today, will likely take the sting out.

    The whole play, start to finish, is a must-see.