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Dodgers Sign Former Giants Closer (And General Crazy Person) Brian Wilson

The Beard is back.

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Before the Beard, Wilson was an eccentric, if talented, starter-turned-reliever for the Giants. In 2009, CSN Bay Area gave him his own reality show, where he filmed himself doing...pretty much anything.

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Then there was the time he saved six games in the 2010 postseason, didn't give up a single run, and struck out the final batter to win the World Series for San Francisco.


Of course, we couldn't possibly forget the time he dressed up as a sea captain for a late-night basic cable talk show.

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Injuries kept Wilson out of all but two games in 2012, even as the Giants won a second World Series title in three seasons. His contract option was not picked up, and Wilson became a free agent.

Especially if he brings his scooter.

via Tim Brown, Yahoo Sports