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    Watch The Longest Field Goal In NFL History

    Matt Prater kaboomed a 64-yarder like it was nothing.

    Broncos kicker Matt Prater now sits atop the record book after he launched a 64-yard field goal today in Denver, besting the record set by Jason Elam, Tom Dempsey, David Akers, and Sebastian Janikowski by 1 yard.

    Here's the kick a split-second before Prater let it fly.

    Justin Edmonds / Getty


    The direction was never in doubt. Distance was the only question mark.

    And boy, was it close.

    And how do you celebrate an all-time record field goal? However you damn well please.

    Here's how Prater's historic kick went down, including all the reaction and replays:

    This 19-yard field goal that Prater converted afterwards was probably just a little bit easier.