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    David Ortiz Murders Dugout Phone

    Big Papi, can you hear us now? No, because you killed a phone with a bat? Okay.

    David Ortiz took a high strike on Saturday on a 3-0 count and, upon subsequently striking out, proceeded to act as any rational ballplayer might.

    Ortiz mouthed off to the umpire and got ejected...


    ...before proceeding to beat the ever-living bejesus out of the dugout bullpen phone. Dustin Pedroia, against all odds, managed to avoid decapitation at Ortiz's hands.

    Pedroia was none too pleased.

    And yet! THE PHONE STILL WORKED. (Swing harder, Papi.)

    Via Twitter: @MLB

    All it really needed was new string and a fresh tin can and it was as good as new.


    And when Ortiz went 4-for-4 yesterday with a home run, his reaction was slightly less angry.

    Dustin Pedroia, as usual, was not impressed.