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    Posted on Jul 2, 2013

    Bryce Harper Does Amazing Thing, Part Infinity

    There's no such thing as a "clutch gene." Except in the DNA that belongs to Bryce Harper.

    Nationals outfielder/überstar Bryce Harper is good at many baseball things, like hitting home runs, and has a flair for the dramatic, as they say. He hit one in his first at-bat of the year ... well as his second.


    In fact, Harper had 12 home runs when he crashed into the Dodger Stadium wall fence on May 13. An injury from that moment forced him to miss the last 31 games — before yesterday.

    The hometown Nationals fans were really excited to see their star make his return.

    This fan, especially.

    And she must've been ecstatic when, in his first at-bat, Harper homered to left center field.

    The kids, especially ones with Harper-inspired 'dos, were overcome with joy.

    Even Harper himself couldn't help but sneak a peek.

    Alex Brandon / AP

    Harper's 13th homer of the year gave his team the early lead, and they never looked back, winning 10-5 over Milwaukee.

    Here's the entire sequence. (The Nats' home announcers can barely contain their awe.)