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    Adrian Peterson Is Fast, The Giants Are Done, And Detroit Scores The Oddest Touchdown

    All the important takeaways from the NFL's Week 4 games so far.

    A Rushing TD, For Old Times' Sake

    Adrian Peterson Will Run Across The Atlantic If We Allow Him

    Hali To The Chiefs

    They Might Be Terrible

    Matthew Stafford Scores On The "Pass" From Matthew Stafford


    Everything's Bigger In Texas

    Bombs Over Buffalo

    Pete Carroll Be Boundin'

    The Titans Simply Won't Be Stopped

    Laces Out, Billy!

    A Gleeful Time In Oakland

    The First One's A Freebie, Rivers

    Peyton Manning Is Very Talented, Part Infinity Plus Infinity

    Right Place, Right Time: The Donte Whitner Story

    Rock, Paper, Scissors, Touchdown