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    335-Pound High School Football Player Doubles As Cheerleader

    This Texas senior also holds down a job, what with all the free time on his hands.

    Meet Armand Fernandez-Pierre, which is a magnificent name in and of itself and one worthy of his immense and varied talents.

    This senior at Episcopal School of Dallas is a bulldozing nose tackle who weighs 335 pounds and has already drawn interest from schools like Miami and UCLA.

    But he's also one hell of a cheerleader, and he'll be performing during halftime of his team's games this season.

    Fernandez-Pierre has also done wrestling and lacrosse, sings in choir, performs theater, and works 20 hours a week, but he's still committed to making both football and cheerleading his top co-priorities.

    A neck injury in the eighth grade was what pushed him away from football initially, but Fernandez-Pierre is relishing this second chance.

    Both his football and cheer coach are committed to making the unusual arrangement work for both teams. One week in, so far, so good.

    Who's living the dream? This guy.

    Here's the whole segment from KDFW Fox 4:


    via KDFW Fox 4