The 2024 Just For Laughs Comedy Festival Just Got Cancelled, And Stand Up Fans Are *Not* Laughing About It

    Summer in Montreal means sunny weather and massive festivals like Just For Laughs... but not this year.

    The iconic Just For Laughs comedy festival takes place every summer in Montreal, Canada. But today, locals are in complete shock to learn that the largest international comedy festival in the world is cancelled for 2024, after the owners announced they're seeking creditor protection to save itself from bankruptcy.

    Two men on stage, one speaking into a microphone, in front of a 'Just for Laughs' screen

    The Just For Laughs festival had been going on since 1983 and jumpstarted the careers of countless comedians like Kevin Hart, Amy Schumer, Pete Davidson and Jimmy Fallon.

    Man on stage at a stand-up comedy event, gesturing with a microphone in hand

    And today X was FULL of Montrealers and comedy fans sad about the loss of the major cultural institution.

    Whoa!! This is huge. I can’t imagine a Montreal summer with Just for Laughs! 😢
    Just for Laughs cancels comedy festival, seeks creditor protection | Montreal Gazette

    — Toula Drimonis (@ToulasTake) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @ToulasTake

    one of Montreal’s biggest annual summer events, the Just For Laughs comedy festival, is getting canceled this year

    makes you think about the state of stand-up comedy in 2024

    — Nicholas Craven (@NicholasCraven_) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @NicholasCraven_

    don't cancel it

    — Fernando Lovo (@ElBocho_O) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @ElBocho_O

    In addition to giving Montrealers a reason to laugh over the years, the festival is also big business in the city, and it'll take a major bite out of the busy tourist season.

    This is such a big cultural and economic loss.

    A 2017 report from KMPG said that Just for Laughs combined activities add $84.4 million annually to Quebec's gross domestic product.

    This also casts serious doubt around JFL's annual Toronto festival too.

    — Mackay Taggart (@mackaytaggart) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @mackaytaggart

    Canadian comedian Mark Critch, creator and star of CBC's Son Of A Critch, paid tribute to Just For Laughs for helping him build his career.

    Very sad to hear this news. ⁦Over the years JFL has given me opportunities from performing stand up to writing for the Muppets and John Oliver. From the top to the bottom, staff are hard working and so respectful of talent. We shall ‘RIRE’ again.

    — Mark Critch (@markcritch) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @markcritch

    Of course, you have to take the sad news with a little bit of humour. This is a comedy festival, after all. One comedian pointed out that maybe this is the biggest prank the Just For Laughs: Gags creators have ever done? We can all hope.

    Respectfully, this would be a legendary “Just For Laughs: Gags”

    — KatieEllen Humphries (@MsKatieEllen) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @MsKatieEllen

    And many also used JFL's own mascot Victor's catchphrase to pay tribute to the comedy fest. JFL says it hopes to come back in 2025, and Montrealers will be laughing tears of joy if it happens.

    — Areyougoat (@ArriojaJor43893) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @ArriojaJor43893

    What do you think? Will JFL be back next year? Is comedy dead? Let us know below!