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The boy who lived Alive

The musings of Actor/ Artist and Writer ~ Eric Schettl

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I thought if I was Harry with a touch of Zeus on my head that split wide open when danger was near, you'd be the witch that took away the fear, I thought that if I was flying on a nimbus two thousand that stopped dead in its tracks, trapped in dark magic, shaking higher in the air, I'd refuse to let go of that broomstick, whether tearing tendons shear in pain down to the last finger I'd still cling.

For the thought of not seeing you in potions class tomorrow, was one I could not bear, how I would take you under my invisibility cloak and kiss you right in front of Snape, that catching the golden snitch paled in comparison to catching the gentle touch of your lips, I thought that if Hagrid's dragon came back I'd learn to tame it, so I could make you feel safe with me and invincible on its hide as we soared through the night sky clouds lit not by the moon but by fire from Norbert with his ridgy back and that indescribable sparkle in your eye.

I think that, the sorting hat would have gotten his ass kicked if we were not in the same house, because I love the little head shake you do when your lips pucker after eating a vomit or booger Bertie Botts bean, and when you transfigured a chair into a lizard while I was having trouble turning a match into a pin. You hid the lizard in your robe and came over to help as if it had never happened even though out of the corner of my eye I could see. I think that if Voldemort came after you with all of the unicorn blood and sorcerers stone coursing through his veins, that a spell never heard of that's never been done, would petrify him as I bellowed it at the top of my lungs.

Then I could be in the forbidden forest with creatures lurking all around scared out of my mind trying not to make a sound, that you would have used some unknown potion that's never been seen and never been named to find me and guide me out unscathed. Yes I believe we'd be the best couple the magical world has ever seen, and far greater than the muggles could even dream

-Eric Schettl

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