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Fourth Trimester. Finally.

What a rollercoaster..

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What a time.

I have to say, this trimester has been something. I don't just mean, oh here is a few hoops.. jump through them. I mean, this was really a brutal semester. From the very day I stepped foot in class, yet again, I was mad. I was in there repeating Adult 1 for the soul purpose of being .1 away from passing the class. Of course I would be mad, who wouldn't be in that situation?

But, I went into this trimester determined. I wanted to show my teachers I had improved and I was going to do better and I did. Right out of the gate, I had a B on my first test but my paperwork was being eaten alive, that wasn't a shocker. For any of you who know me from school, you'd know during my third semester I did not learn a SINGLE thing in clinical. Mainly because my instructor wasn't all that great and didn't have the best understanding of the course, it happens. But this semester I had my teacher and class coordinator as my clinical instructor. To say I improved on paperwork would be a true understatement. I went from getting N's and U's to S's and E's. Let me tell youuuu, the first time you get any E on your paperwork, you will feel an OVERWHELMING sense of happiness and pride because I know I did. I also was making higher grades on my exams, my quizzes, and my ATI exam.

I had a lot going on during my third semester that influenced my performance. I had a very close family member pass away which ripped my soul into a million parts, I had drama, I had pain. It was not a good semester for me. While I did have drama this semester, that really the most ridiculous thing I'd ever experienced and close to finals none the less, I was able to pull myself through this semester and come out so much stronger than I had last time.

Also, a side note to anyone ever who has to deal with these things; do NOT let anyone ever tell you that you are stupid or you are not smart simply because you fail a class. God has a plan and while we may not always understand, it's there for a reason. I got close to people again this semester I really truly missed. And do NOT ever let someone bully you and make you feel any less amazing than you are. It's not worth it and you don't need to play into anyones games.

I want to thank everyone who has listened to me rant, vent, scream, cry, and rejoice. You are the real MVPs.

Here's to praying during the next year.



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