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14 Reasons Why Ya Girl Erica Is The Right Fit

*These reasons apply to BuzzFeed as a company and additionally to the Client Services team.

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14. I understand and wholeheartedly embrace BuzzFeed's brand.


BuzzFeed is dedicated to creating not only educational, but also entertaining online content for its viewers. Its brand is centered around sharable content that elicits positive feelings and reactions.

13. I study both marketing and advertising so I'm well-versed in marketing plans AND creative briefs.


I have a foundation in the business aspects of marketing and the promotional side of advertising, which is exactly the two fields Client Services entails.

12. I bounce ideas off people and love to collaborate.


"Teamwork makes the dream work" is one of my favorite mottos. I can get things done independently, but also excel when given the opportunity to work in groups. I believe the best and most creative ideas come from a blend of different thinkers.

11. I thrive off the nitty gritty.


Planning, coordinating, and strategizing requires someone who's detail oriented. Good thing that's my #1 strength.

10. Clients don't give me headaches. In fact, I love interacting with them!


I’ve had past experience working with three different clients, and even got a job offer from one!

9. Customer service is my middle name.

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I have worked service jobs since I was 16 years old so I know how to work with people.

8. I can draft emails like nobody's business.


I've taken multiple business communication courses, which have only improved my written communication skills.

7. Interpersonal communication is a piece of cake.


Whether written or verbal, communication with individuals and groups comes naturally to me.

6. I have an eye for design, which means bomb PowerPoints.

Creating PowerPoint presentations excite me. I love working on visuals and making the perfect slide deck.

5. Research is always on my mind.


As a member of the Client Services team, one must be well informed on the clients' needs, competitive environment, and optimal media strategies. Research is key when working with a client, and I know how to Google search, conduct surveys, analyze data, and ultimately do my research.

4. Creating SWOT charts and formulating competitor analysis are things I do in my sleep.


Compiling research to conduct situational and competitive analyses is something I've been doing on the regular.

3. I'm as eager as a new-born pup.


I've never been more excited for an internship opportunity than the one with BuzzFeed. I know that I can take away valuable lessons from senior leadership and do exceptional work as a Client Services intern.

2. I take passion to a whole new level.


I'm passionate about working with clients and pursuing a career as an Account Manager. Working with BuzzFeed's Client Services team will only help me reach my goals.

1. I'll do whatever it takes.


I am an incredibly hard worker, and am ready to show BuzzFeed (and the world) what I can do!

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