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33 Memes About Online Classes That Will Make All Students Say, "These Are Too Real"

2020 has been stressful for all students, but hey, at least we can meme through the pain.

From digital fatigue and screen burnout to technical difficulties, online learning has been incredibly painful for all students across the world. But as always, the internet is there to make us laugh. Here are some of the best memes to help get you through the pain of online classes.

1. This very valid contribution:

2. This panic-inducing moment:

3. Attending online classes in a brown household is an extreme sport:

When my mother starts cussing me out during my online class

4. Waking up to get to an online class is always a struggle:

5. Having to deal with this is a bigger struggle:

Lecturer: "please turn on your camera so we can check attendance" Me who woke up 2 minutes before the zoom meeting: #onlineclasses

6. The struggle is so damn real:

literally how students struggle to cope with online classes

7. Well, students are not the only ones who struggle:

8. The back pain is real:

9. But mostly because we've all been sitting in the weirdest-possible positions:

10. Stress levels are at an all-time high:

11. Meanwhile, motivation is at an all-time low:

12. The hunger does hit different during an online lecture:

13. What even is a lunch break anymore?

14. This student asking the real questions:

Yo how tf am I gonna flirt in an ONLINE CLASS 😤

15. Show the cat, dammit:

16. Forgetting to mute oneself is the worst faux pas that can happen to any student:

No one: Me every 5 seconds in an online lecture: *checks if I’m still on mute*

17. Let's all admit that we've slept like this through a lecture at least once...

18. ...only to end up staying on a Zoom call that ended a few minutes ago...

19. ...or to have these nightmares and stress dreams later during finals week:

In 15 years, the college class of 2020 will have nightmares that its finals week and they forgot to log onto Zoom all semester

20. The reality of every online class:

21. Gotta do it for the participation points:

22. Taking the phrase "online learning from the comfort of one's home" to a different level:

23. Online or offline, a few things never change:

24. Every student who does this deserves extra credit:

me in quarantine showing off my dog to the lecturer during online classes

25. This is the new norm:

26. There is always a kid with bad internet:

Nobody during online classes: That one kid with the bad internet:

27. Or this kid who keeps asking for the class link:

me every time I have a recurring class on zoom and conveniently lose track of the email with the link:

28. We've all been there and pressed the space bar:

I really tried to pause a zoom class cause I wanted to watch a video on my phone..

29. This perfect definition of an online class:

30. College — just a soup of alphabets and black squares:

31. The technical difficulties are real:

32. Ain't that the truth:

33. And finally, this video perfectly captures the essence of an online class: