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8 Reasons Why You Need To Study Abroad As An Engineering Major

College is already hard enough with all the tough classes, internships, and job searching. Why would you take time off to study abroad?

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1. Interact with people from a range of backgrounds

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In engineering, teamwork and communication are keys to success. Right now, we live in a very global community where the opportunity to work at an international level or with foreign clients is very possible. Studying abroad can increase your patience and flexibility when dealing with other people. Plus, you can potentially increase your network.

2. Experience and learn different cultures

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Going back to the previous idea, it might be good to know some historical, political, economic, and social ideas when working with different people or at a multi-national company. Studying abroad will increase access to knowledge and ideas as a basis for personal and professional development while building relationships and common understanding to further global well-being and world peace.

4. Experience a different education system and join clubs not offered at your university

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Education systems around the world are different. They might have interesting courses that aren't available at your university. Get a taste of how others learn and join their engineering organizations. Studying abroad could introduce you to a variety of opportunities better suited to your interests that you may not have realized before.

5. Achieve a strong resume

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Putting down that you studied abroad on your resume shows that you are willing to take risks, do things out of your comfort zone, and are open to new experiences/challenges.

6. Handle stress

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At some point while you are abroad, you will face challenges; finding a place to stay, lost in a foreign city with a dead phone, lost in a foreign city without a phone, a wallet full of US dollars that you cannot spend, etc. You will experience stress on a new level and that translates to quickly thinking on your feet, finding solutions, and adjusting to an ever-changing environment. You will do that weekly if not daily while studying abroad and doing so will make you better at handling stress.

7. Personal development

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Knowing that you survived a semester all by yourself in a foreign country, you will have a higher respect for yourself. You will increase your confidence and be familiar with working outside of your comfort zone. You will become more open minded and be able to see from other's perspective.

8. Aware of international issues

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In every corner of the world, there are problems that need to be solved; pollution in Beijing, serious drought in Western Australia, poor transportation system in Los Angeles, etc. Live in the problem, experience it, and find your passion to use your engineering skills to solve it. As you travel and see the world, it will enhance your perspective on the value and importance of your discipline on the global community

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