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Which 130 King Street East Roomie Are You??!!!

oooh spooky - good luckerelli

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  1. What time do you usually wake up ?

    5:45 am
    7:30 am
    1:36 pm
  2. You're on aux at the pre, what are you playing?

    Bound 2 - Kanye West
    Left, Right - YG
    Watchya Say - Jason Derulo
  3. Whats your daily skin care regime

    Does 6 face masks in one night to get clear skin for the next day
    3 moisturizers 2 cleansers and something she bought off the shopping channel
    uses $2 face wash
  4. At the pre: what are you drinking?

    16 mL of Sauza thats been in the freezer since October
    21 shots of jager
    a mixture of 3 coolers that are all half drank
  5. Its 1:17am at Ale, what are you most likely doing?

    kissing boys and denying it directly after
    Asking the DJ to play Bound 2
    Tying my hair up, heading down to the dance floor
  6. What is your standard workout at the ARC

    Cardio - and snaps about it so everyone knows
    Squat rack... only squat rack
    Stuntin' in the women's section
  7. When it comes to homework, what are you typically doing?

    Analyzing the internal structure of a Pigeon's kidney
    Starts studying 8 weeks before the exam
    Alphabetically organizing cue cards instead of reading them
  8. If you were a dog, what breed would you be?

    Bernese Mountain Dog
    Shiba inu
    Black Lab
  9. What is your go-to Post stage rage meal?

    Frozen edamame
    bag of potato chips you picked up from metro on the walk home
    a mucho burrito you waited 39 minutes in line for
  10. How many times a year do you threaten to drop out of school?

    at least 18, depending on how i did on my anatomy quiz
    never, i love QUEENS at the moment
    4 or 5, i hate Ontario weather

Which 130 King Street East Roomie Are You??!!!

You got: Ruthie Lack

Congrats! You got Ruthea Elizabeth Lack, the degenerate of the household. You're the definition of work hard play hard. One glass of wine is enough to get you blackout, and thats why we love you. You love to sing and dance not to mention really good at it!!!!! By ending every word in "-erelli" you make sure everyone knows what you're talking about.

Ruthie Lack
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You got: Savannah Thomson

Congretsssss you got Savannah Jane Thomson! You're the level-headed housemate, and usually make it home in one piece apart from that one time you fully blacked out in line at ale. Other than that you finesse on every inconvenience by drag racing your baby blue merc in good old ktown.

Savannah Thomson
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You got: Ally Morris

Congrat! you got Alexandra Jane Morris. You're the booze hound (shiba) of the house and drink to forget, because you certainly never remember. For you, the night is not complete without a 33 minute long crying session but it's therapeutic and always for "good" reason.

Ally Morris
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