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How To Choose The Right Bedding Set To Ensure A Good Sleep.

After a busy work day, what we want most is lying in our bed at home. Sleeping with clean and soft bedding sets, we could get rid of the whole day exhaustion to conserve strength and store up energy. So it's very important to choose a right bedding set to ensure a high-quality sleep.

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First, size

Check the minimum size of the set. For example, the standard size of the pillowcase is 48*74 ( inside dimension ), but the size in the introduction of the goods is not always the inside dimension, some of them are outside dimension. If the pillowcase is made of cotton, the shrinkage couldn't be ignored. Adoric queen mattress protector already takes the factor into consideration.

Second, materials

There are several common materials for bedding sets: Cotton, Silk, Tencel and other fibers. Nowadays the sets are normally blended with different materials. Let's learn about some characteristics of those four basic fabrics.

Cotton is the traditional material. It has no side effect to our skin, so it's the best for children and people with sensitive skin. And its affordable price makes it popular all over the world. The only problem is the shrinkage.

Moist, soft, silk is exquisite, and the texture, perception is more upscale, but it's not easy to maintain. It's more expensive than cotton and with the various "silk" in the market, it's difficult for ordinary customers to tell which is the real high-quality silk.

Hope it would be helpful for you.

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