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The Makeup Blender of the 21st Century - The enavee

NOW ON KICKSTARTER! The enavee was designed by a female engineer and previous Miss world Canada finalist. With its unique, sponge-like texture and super soft, platinum-grade silicone, the enavee mimics the material of a sponge, while soaking up virtually no expensive foundation. It has a modern, state-of-the-art design, which includes a precision “pinch” tip that keeps bacteria-laden fingers away, while simultaneously allowing for exceptional control of the applicator.

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Ena noticed that the makeup blenders on the market were either made out of sponge or a gel silicone, and each of these blenders had their pros and cons.

The sponge soaked up a lot of expensive product, came with a high price tag, and had to be replaced every couple months. She was also nervous about all the bacteria that could possibly be growing inside

More recently, the gel-silicone sponge came to existence. It was easy to clean, didn’t soak up any makeup, and would last for much longer than regular sponge. However, when the reviews came in, users did not like how poorly it blended into their skin.

So she decided to take the pros from each of these blenders and combine them, and this is how the enavee came to be.

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Unlike a typical sponge-like beauty blender, it is easy-to-clean, long lasting, and hygienic. The enavee blender also applies makeup seamlessly, as opposed to the recently released gel-silicone blenders. The enavee has truly taken the pros from each of these blenders and combined them into one!

Beautiful Design

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The enavee blender has a unique modern design. It has a precision tip for getting into the smaller areas and a larger base and back for quick coverage. The addition of innovative pinch allows users keep their fingers, which contain millions of germs and bacteria, off the applicator base and off your face. The pinch also creates unparalleled control of the applicator.

The base is also a new and innovative type of super soft, platinum grade silicone. The texture and softness of the silicone mimic that of a sponge while the materials soaks up little to no expensive foundation. It can also be quickly and easily washed after each use and it lasts for much longer than the sponge-like blender.

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