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16 Reasons To Eat An Egg A Day And How To Do It Correctly

Do you want to keep your health well? Read this post. It's for you.

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You should eat an egg every day. Buy why? We covered below 17 reasons to eat an egg every day and gave a brief description of how to eat egg correctly. So, read this if you want to keep your health good.

Disclaimer: Warning! People who are known to be allergic to eggs have cholesterol problems, suffer from cardiovascular disease do not consider eating an egg/day, it must be established the only doctor they belong. We recommend the visit to the doctor and consult him about the quantities of eggs daily. But remember effectiveness, role, and power that manifests eggs in our body, not insignificant.

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1. The egg is the richest source of protein, and yet the highest quality, not of any kind, entailing maximum energy and vitality. An egg contains 78 calories and provides 4% of the daily energy in women.

2. Worry about cholesterol in eggs and influence on health? Learn again that eggs keep cholesterol under control, says Luigi Gratton, a member of the "analysis program obesity as a risk factor" conducted by the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Los Angeles (UCLA).

3. Vitamin D, one of the components of the egg, greatly help wellbeing, by increasing the amount of serotonin in the brain.

4. A recent study conducted by the British in March 2010 revealed that an egg burns calories consumed daily, so it helps weight loss and with this combat obesity. More information will appear in the publication of study results in the journal "Nutrition and Food Science" in June 2010. But it is important that those who have placed an egg in their menu daily lost more weight (even twice) than those who did abstraction of it. It seems that the proteins contained state offers a state which maintains the long-term.

5. The egg is one of the foods with the most antioxidants, which help a lot to prevent eye damage, cataracts, so reduces the risk of blindness. It contains carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthin) which, along with zinc and vitamins A and E, prevent cataracts and other degenerative diseases of the eye caused by aging.

6. All proteins it contained egg bonanza, help create lean body mass offering whole body strength, health, and robustness. Do not imagine that it would turn into a bodybuilder but rather that you will build muscle mass correct, healthy, well maintained.

7. The iodine content of eggs is expanding its effects on the brain, thyroid, and other organs, enhancing their operation. It is important that iodine is a mineral that is not produced by the body itself and must be taken in the diet, few are those who realize its importance and that it contain food choices.

8. you think if you're not a singer who takes care to protect their vocal cords with raw eggs, you have nothing to eat them? Reconsider this view, because raw eggs have a small role "disinfectant" of the area, especially be a perfect tonic, can be perfect morning revival.

9. Egg - a good detoxifier, if we think that remove toxins from the body when consumed daily in the raw state. There's even a cure with such ingredients, special detoxifier body. They help cleanse the intestinal flora IG Eni Zand intestines and lubricate them.

10. Omega 3s are essential fatty acids that are missing from the egg composition and benefits that attract first-class health benefits, known from eating fish: b oil cardiovascular, blood pressure; diabetes is just a few of them; also prevent colon cancer, it gives you a good feeling and more.

11. The egg is food that greatly helps patients hyperacid gastritis, ulcer or enterocolitis - conditions with an incidence increasingly more evident that most often are lifestyle related disorders degrading and bad food. He does not stimulate excessive gastric secretion, no pulp and is used in the digestive process completely.

12. If we except vitamin C, we can say that the egg is a complete food about vitamins and contains almost all known vitamins.

13. Egg immune system through which it contains selenium and zinc, another mineral content EOU d, helps heal wounds and treat infections.

14. Did you think I forgot about calcium? Only when you say, egg comes to mind important source of calcium, which is obviously reflected in a strong bone structure. Especially because there egg composition and vitamin D (yolk), which helps calcium absorption efficiency in the body.

15. A survey conducted 7 years ago showed that eggs have a beneficial role in breast cancer prevention. Taken daily, the egg can reduce the risk of breast cancer by up to 24%.

16. Blood pressure - tempered with the egg a day! After everyone blamed egg consumption because predisposed to cardiovascular disease, Canadian researchers come and say it is not true that on the contrary, eggs help heart activity, blood pressure balancing.

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Basically, what you want:

- Raw - because the benefits are much more - and always in the morning - you can make a mixture of milk, eggs, and honey, which is a complete energizing

- Cooked: the proteins are fully assimilated; but not eat more than 2 once, because instead of having energizing and tonic effect, will have precisely the opposite effect - rather tired

- If you have cholesterol problems - then the recommendation is to do your scrambled egg whites only because they contain only protein while the yolk contains fat and cholesterol.

- And scrambled and fried eggs and the cooked are equally good because egg does not lose the nutritional values irrespective of the cooking. Attention must be directed in those fried or scrambled over the amount of oil used in cooking, which should be as low as possible.

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