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10 tips for gardening, all useful

Tips for gardening with video guidelines.

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No one can deny these 10 tips for gardening, especially since they are useful and experienced, but also beginners. Gardening is one of the most useful and healthy ways to get active.

It is said that those in charge of a vegetable garden or flower only prolongs its life by five years. Gardening is tonic, is relaxing, mobilize more muscle groups and is the bringer of great satisfaction can be a hobby or a job done to earn money.

However, beginner makes some mistake when start gardening, you can watch these mistake here:

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Here are the top 10 tips for gardening.

1. The right tools. Invest in Sculptor and fundamental tools for the garden. Grow much return to work in the garden. Always buy quality instruments and tools. Even though they are more expensive, it takes much longer compared to cheap ones.

2.Keep tools in one place. Organize a place to store tools. The place should be dry and protected from rodents, and it can be well ventilated to prevent mold. The idea and one of the 10 best tips for gardening are to keep them all together, to have them always at hand. Otherwise, you will lose time to search for what tool you need.

3.Read Houses for birds. Why should you have in your garden

4.Tunde trees and shrubs at least twice a year. A hairstyle is to train and stimulate flowering buds is done before the crack, the second is for maintenance when needed. Pruning branches are always oblique, and this is one of the 10 tips for gardening!

5.Water the plants appoint morning. During the day, sun and water together increase the risk of blight burning leaves and plants hurt. Dimimenaţa watered they will use water during the day when under the effect of sunlight will increase. Evening watering can cause illness and so should be avoided. Plants can be watered in the evening just days overcast and windy.

6.Keep weeds under control. It is mandatory and is one of the 10 best tips for gardening. Dry weeds are choking the earth and plants. Use herbicides or natural solutions, but never in excess. The regular break-effectiveness is about weeds, especially in a small garden.

7.Do not let pests multiply. There is a tendency to overlook pests that can infect plants with some diseases. Therefore, whenever you notice some problems should take immediately intervals.

8.Do not overdo it with fertilizer. Whether natural or chemicals that do not overdo it with fertilizer use. These can damage plants and can damage soil quality. The doses of fertilizer must be strictly observed.

9.Watch your pet garden. Dogs and cats tend to encroach on your garden. You can keep the animals away by spraying a concentrated solution of chili to limit the area where you want to end your dog or cat. Protect your eyes and take away animals one day after applying the solution. The solution is a concentrated tea chili (5-6 minced chilies per liter of water).

10.Careful soil. Soil quality is essential for the welfare of the garden. Therefore, it needs to take care of the soil. Avoid digging too deep plowing excessive excess chemicals and avoid planting the Multiplayer years on the same plants Ân same place because of you poor of the earth.

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