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Best Tips For Selling Your Mac In The UK

Mac computers are popular in the UK because of their efficiency and ability to serve their users for an extended time period. However, Mac owners can for one reason or another make the decision to dispose them off and get a new computer. The most popular reasons for letting an iMac go, is because it is an old model or has technical issues resulting in slow performance. No matter the reason for selling the computer, it is important to do it in the right way.

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Before looking for UK companies that Sell Imac’s, it is important to prepare your computer beforehand by ensuring that all your information is secure. The steps involved in unloading a Mac computer may differ slightly from one model to another but the process is generally the same. Some of the important steps to do before putting up for sale are:

First, clean the Mac so that it looks presentable and can fetch the price you desire. Using a cleanser that is alcohol free and cloth clean the keyboard, screen, track pad and outside case. Ensure that you remove any stains so that the final result is pleasing to potential buyers.

Second, back up all your information so that you do not use any valuable data. Software applications such as Time Machine make it easy to backup data from Mac computers and transfer them to a new computer. Alternatively, you can clone your iMac so that you have a copy of all the data in your current computer.

Third, ensure that you are signed out of iMessage and iTunes so that your Apple ID is not visible to the new owner. The process of signing out of these two applications is quite simple but its importance cannot be underestimated. If you are unsure of the appropriate way to sign out, check on the Apple website for the detailed guidelines.

Fourth, restore your Mac back to its factory settings so that is back to its original state and ready for use by the new owner. Depending on the model of the Apple computer, you may need to restore its settings using boot disks which can also be used to reinstall as well. If you have kept t your boot disk safe, you can use it to negotiate a higher sale price in your discussion with companies that Sell Imac’s.

When the Mac is ready for sale, it is important to research on the best place to sell it in order to make the highest profit. If you have a close family or friend that wants to buy it from you at a good price then you can consider selling it to them. However, for better profit it is advisable to sell it through online resellers in the UK that give a better return for Mac computers. They have buyers that visit their site daily looking for computers on sale and are usually willing to buy an iMac at a reasonable price regardless of the model or age.

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