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Why Lemony Snicket Is The Best Character In Netflix's A Series Of Unfortunate Events

"He found himself reading the same sentence over and over. He found himself reading the same sentence over and over."

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Lemony Snicket in Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events is a monotonous (a word that here means lacking variation in tone or pitch) narrator who reluctantly tells the story of the Baudelaire children.

And it's safe to say that people loved him.

Here's why we think Lemony Snicket just might be the runaway star of the show

His deeply unimpressed face when you continued to watch the show against his wishes

Netflix / Via
Netflix / Via
Netflix / Via
Netflix / Via

His personal offence at Count Olaf's acting ability

His penchant for foreshadowing

His stating the obvious

His matter-of-fact thoughts on bullying

When he delivered absolute *spoiler alerts* like it was NBD

...Over and over again

When he ~figuratively~ drags the audience from the action when he finds the story too stressful

When he went all meta

When he would take the time to explain what certain words mean (with examples!)

Onceland/Tumblr / Via

When he wore an array of fantastic costumes

How he introduced Sir and his partner Charles

And he'd always take a moment to explain an expression

Who wants a Lemony Snicket spin off?!

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