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    36 Gorgeous Unique Wedding Bands That'll Steal The Show

    Anything-but-plain wedding rings for couples with anything-but-plain tastes.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A recycled gold ring made to order that'll have your "something old" covered in the most stunning way.,

    Promising review: "Absolutely perfect. Laura's service is impeccable and her talent is without parallel. Such a fantastic experience from beginning to end. The rings look beautiful, and we're so pleased with how they represent our style and relationship." β€”prmallon

    Get it from Specimental on Etsy for $650 (available in sizes 0–16).

    2. A customizable band with the option to select from 20 gemstones (including diamonds) and nine finishes β€” for a ring that's just as unique as your relationship is.

    Promising review: "This was an engagement/wedding band combo, and it's beautiful!! The gems are outstanding quality and the way it sparkles when the light hits it is amazing." β€”Wilson

    Get it from Gemvara for $295–$1,195 (available in sizes 4–10 and in nine finishes).

    3. A classy gold ring that puts a subtle twist on the traditional wedding band.

    Get it from Minimal VS on Etsy for $800+ (available in sizes 3 1/2–8 and in six finishes).

    4. A chic, minimalist band for the couple who loves getting ~wavy~ together.

    Promising review: "It's beautiful and kitschy and fits great. Most importantly, it looks both classy and weird. I love it." β€”Math

    Get it from Gemvara for $150–$695 (available in sizes 4–10 and in nine finishes).

    5. A custom fingerprint ring featuring a quirky inner detail, for a classic-looking ring with a discreet, truly one-of-a-kind engraving.

    Promising review: "Ring came as described and on time. The workmanship is beautiful and the process of recording the fingerprint image was explained well and a breeze!" β€”afraundo

    Get it from GNGJewel on Etsy for $209 (available in sizes 4–11/ 3/4).

    6. An unforgettable 18k rose-gold band with orange sapphires that's ready to turn heads from now until forever.

    Get it from Neiman Marcus for $2,340 (available in size 7).

    7. A rustic style with a cross-hatch design perfect for outdoorsy types who don't want to worry about scratching up their wedding band β€” or anyone who just likes a cool-looking ring, really.

    Get it from tinahdee on Etsy for $66 (available in sizes 3–16).

    8. An 18k-gold vertical-bar ring that successfully manages to be elegant AF and make a playful statement all at once, because you contain multitudes.

    Get it from Neiman Marcus for $1,600.

    9. A sterling silver piano-designed band with true-to-life proportions, for the person who has the keys to your heart.

    Promising review: "Fantastic ring! As a pianist I am proudly wearing it!" β€”Jeroen van Vliet

    Get it from GioielliOliveri on Etsy for $113.12 (available in 1.65–2.05 cm diameters).

    10. A blackened-silver band with white sapphire and 18k-gold accents for a ring that boldly proclaims, "I'm not your grandma's ring, buddy."


    Get it from Nordstrom for $790 (available in sizes 5–9).

    11. A set of titanium rings adorned with vibrant color, because you're the furthest thing from a boring couple and your wedding bands know it.

    Promising review: "Absolutely beautiful rings, and I can't wait to finally wear them on the big day. Stunning quality and I would highly recommend Romas to anyone. Perfect!" β€”Marc English

    Get the set of two from RomasBanaitis on Etsy for $180 (available in custom sizes).

    12. A "rice bead" ring with a charming minimalist carved design, for the understated nontraditionalist.

    Get it from A Gilded Leaf for $190 (available in sizes 4–8 3/4, in white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold, and in a shiny or matte finish).

    13. A handsome oxidized sterling-silver ring with a black-gray finish that will wear over time to become a smoky silver color. Cool!

    Promising review: "Bought this for my husband as his wedding ring. He loves! I love it! And it looks even better in person. Quality craftsmanship, unique and were a dream to work with. Shipping was super fast and no problem." β€”Scarlet Lajara-Espinal

    Get it from Epheriell on Etsy for $95 (sizing made to order).

    14. A gorgeous 18k yellow-gold band studded with diamonds and either rubies or emeralds, because life is short β€” why not add a little pop of color to your forever ring?,

    Get the ruby band for $575 (available in sizes 5 1/2–7 1/2) and the emerald band for $500 (available in sizes 5 1/2–7 1/2) from A Gilded Leaf.

    15. A set of leopard-print-esque wedding bands for the couple whose love shall never be tamed.

    Get the set of two from DesignMasters on Etsy for $1,599 (available in sizes 4.5–11.5).

    16. This sharp-looking ring with quaint detailing that lends it a bit of an industrial vibe, for anyone looking for a beautiful band that's just a lil' out of the box.


    Get it from Nordstrom for $115–$120 (available in sizes 5–8 and in gold and sterling silver).

    17. This dazzling little number speckled with diamonds and tiny flowers to represent a love that'll forever be ~in bloom~.

    Get it from Kataoka for $1,750+ (available in sizes 3–11 and in four finishes, with the option for free custom engraving).

    18. A delicate curved diamond band that'll look amazing on its own or stacked above an engagement ring.

    Get it from A Gilded Leaf for $415 (available in sizes 4–8 3/4 and in white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold).

    19. A hammered black-zirconium and rose-gold band for a style that has "debonair" written all over it.

    Promising review: "The entire process was pleasant from beginning to end. The team was thorough and communicated with us frequently. They also worked with us to customize this ring to our specifications, and provided an extra sizer when the first set still didn't have a perfect size match. Would definitely recommend them and work with them again!" β€”Samantha Jander

    Get it from Spexton on Etsy for $489+ (available in sizes 3–12 and in five widths).

    20. A glittering crisscross ring that'll have you singing "Hold me closer, tiny diiiiamonds" (it's got 24 of em!).

    Promising review: "Love this ring. The combination of the rose gold and the stones look beautiful. I received many compliments." β€”Albaloo

    Get it from Nordstrom for $350–$395 (available in sizes 4.5–7.5 and in rose gold, yellow gold, and silver).

    21. A double-banded ring, because you know you're a little extra, and your wedding band should be too.

    Get it from Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry on Spring for $520 (available in sizes 6 and 7).

    22. This goth-y glam 14k black-gold and pink sapphire or blue topaz wedding-band set of your dreams. Diamonds who?,

    Get the set from DesignMasters on Etsy for $2,199.99 (available in sizes 4.5–9).

    23. A showstopping 18k yellow-, white-, and pink-gold ring with white ceramic that'll demand everyone's attention even long after your wedding day.

    Get it from Neiman Marcus for $3,390 (available in European size 53).

    24. A vintage-y lace-detail ring you can customize with two different gemstones (including diamonds) of your choice.

    Choose from 20 different gemstones.

    Promising review: Stunning! Great quality, and fantastic customer service. I receive compliments daily on this ring. It's just beautiful! Thank you!!" β€”Jackie M Doug

    Get it from Gemvara for $415–$1,810 (available in sizes 4–10 and in nine finishes).

    25. A 14k-gold curved V-shaped band whose picture is probably featured in the dictionary's entry for "elegance."

    Get it from Minimal VS on Etsy for $440–$645 (available in sizes 2–8, in five finishes, and with either diamonds or zirconia).

    26. A 14k-gold textured band with an unexpected, asymmetrical shape and just enough bling (nine diamonds, to be exact).

    Get it from Vanessa Lianne Jewelry on Spring for $825 (available in sizes 5–7.5 and in white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold).

    27. An adorable blades-of-grass ring for the couple who appreciate a touch of whimsy β€” and the great outdoors.

    Get it from Ashhilton on Etsy for $215–$1,890 (available in sizes 3–13 and in seven finishes).

    28. An ornate 14k green-gold filigree band with a timeless, striking design.

    Get it from J. Briggs & Co. on Shoptiques for $1,365 (available in size 7.25).

    29. A hammered 14k-gold ring whose curves will reflect the light in all sorts of interesting patterns.

    Get it from doronmerav on Etsy for $570 (sizing made to order and available in white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold).

    30. A complementary set of white and blue bands for the couple who doesn't play by any of your silly rules.

    Get the white enamel ring with blue sapphires for $2,340 (available in size 6.75) and the blue enamel ring with white diamonds for $6,780 (available in size 6.75) from Neiman Marcus.

    31. A customized latitude-longitude sterling-silver ring that you can have stamped with the coordinates of a place that's special to you.

    Promising review: "The rings I got were so incredibly beautiful and high-quality, and the shop owners were so, so helpful. 100% recommend buying all your jewelry from this place!" β€”Sara Dutson

    Get it from monkeysalwayslook on Etsy for $82 (available in sizes 0–14).

    32. This dazzling ring with 100 micro-pavΓ© diamonds and an open design, for a charming take on the traditional diamond wedding band.

    Get it from Nordstrom for $1,695 (available in size 6 1/2 and in yellow gold and white gold).

    33. A 22k-gold interlocking ring with a coiled design β€” because your hearts are intertwined forever and you're a sappy, sensitive soul who also just really loves wearing 22-karat gold, okay?

    Get it from Neiman Marcus for $3,600.

    34. A set of beautiful, simply designed 18k-gold branch-detail bands for the nature-loving couple (or, perhaps, aspiring the arborists).

    Get it from PatricioMinconiBCN on Etsy for $1,253.34 (sizing made to order, and available in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold).

    35. A dapper forged-carbon David Yurman band that's about to steal the whole damn show, so get ready for it.

    Get it from Nordstrom for $1,300 (available in size 10).

    36. And personalized sound-wave rings that visually capture the unique sounds of your voice and celebrate the depths of your sweet, sweet geeky love.

    Get the set from Rickson Jewellery on Etsy for $425 (sizing made to order).

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