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    We Simply Don't Deserve This 10-Year-Old Boy Who Reads To Shelter Dogs Every Weekend

    Some heroes wear capes, and some read books to adoptable pups in need.

    This is Evan B., and he's a 10-year-old from the Bronx, New York, who reads to dogs at the Animal Care Centers (ACC) of NYC on weekends.

    "I always wanted to work with dogs and I was excited when she told me that I could read to them!" Evan told BuzzFeed.

    Unfortunately, many dogs can get rather stressed in a shelter environment full of tons of strange scents and sounds — but reading to them can help soothe the anxious or scared pups.

    One particular dog, Augie, stands out to Evan as an example of how volunteers like him can make a direct impact. "I first saw him and thought he looked a lot like my dog. He was so friendly," Evan said. "He got on the risk list and I had taken a video of him in his kennel responding to my mom and we posted it on the thread — and through social media shares, I saw the impact firsthand of how the community can make a difference."

    Evan would like to continue to volunteer long-term and hopes to be able to walk the shelter dogs and interact with them down the line. "I want my own rescue one day and hopefully by then New York will be a no-kill state," he told BuzzFeed.

    In addition to donating his time and providing enrichment for the pups, Evan also helped raise $1,000 for the ACC by selling shirts for several weeks.

    Kudos to Evan (and his mom!) for making a big difference in the lives of dogs looking for a second chance at finding a loving home. You can follow his volunteer adventures with adoptable pups on Instagram at @eb_and_the_pets and get more info about the Books for Boroughbreds program here.