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    The Secret Thoughts Of 27 Maine Coon Cats

    Maine coons — aka dreamy fluffballs of love — are the second most popular breed of cats in the U.S., likely because of their playful disposition, devotion to their humans, and long, luxurious fur. Here are some especially thoughtful ones.

    1. This Maine coon wants to make sure your bath temperature is just right.

    2. This Maine coon on the window sill is keeping an eye out for burglars.

    3. This guy is ready to listen to your relationship problems all night long.

    4. This progressive Maine coon is wearing a rooster hat to promote interspecies acceptance.

    5. Here is a Maine coon trying to keep fur off the couch.

    6. This guy is getting ready to give you the best foot massage ever.

    7. This Maine coon is helping you study because she doesn't want to see you become a super super senior.

    8. This big guy wants you to know he's always looking out for you.

    9. These two made sure to turn the TV off when you left, so your electricity bill wouldn't be so high this month.

    10. This little guy is thinking about how nice you are for always cleaning his litter box. And feeling guilty about never helping.

    11. This kitten is reminding you that you're out of eggs.

    12. This Maine coon is helping you root for your favorite team even though he doesn't love them as much as you do.

    13. This cat wants you to know she doesn't need pricey toys to be happy.

    14. This Maine coon is trying to unclog your toilet.

    And wondering why all he got in return was this stupid feather toy.

    15. This handsome fellow wants you to take a break and let him bring home the bacon.

    16. This kitten wants you to know you're very talented for being able to stand on two legs without holding onto a bowl.

    17. This cat on a yoga mat wants to help you with your Chair Pose.

    18. This cat is throwing her paws up in celebration of how great you are.

    19. This one too!

    20. This adorable Maine coon family just made you forget about all your credit card debt.

    21. This cat is making the world a better place just by being so beautiful.

    22. This cat forgives you for not buying him a fancy cat bed.

    23. This Maine coon is about to help this Pekingese build a snowman.

    24. These two beauties are keeping your bed warm.


    (One of you isn't a Maine coon, but that's OK, because you're still cute and thoughtful.)

    25. This Maine coon just turned down the music because she knows you're trying to sleep.

    26. These two just rented your favorite movie and are waiting for you to join them on the couch.

    27. This one-eyed cat says it's OK with him if you dress him as a pirate for Halloween this year...again.