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    This $15 Pan Rack Is What Kitchen-Organization Dreams Are Made Of

    It's time to stop risking being caught in a pots-and-pans avalanche every time you reach for a frying pan.

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    If your kitchen has limited countertop and cabinet space, figuring out where to store all your cooking tools can be a challenge. Raise your hand if you just wind up using your oven to store all the pots and pans you otherwise don't have room for!

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    Well, small-kitchen-havers, your days of using the oven as a de facto cabinet are over, because there's a handy organization rack in town that's about to change the whole damn game!

    (And by game, I mean that fun one where you're slightly terrified to pull out the pan you need from your unwieldy stack of pots and pans before they inevitably all come tumbling down.)

    This SimpleHouseware pan and lid organizer holds up to five pans, with each compartment providing 2.5 to 3 inches of space. While you can position it to be free-standing, it also comes with hardware if you'd like to secure it into a fixed position.

    And 1,300+ people on Amazon freakin' love this thing. You can use it to store it pans and lids either vertically or horizontally...

    "I absolutely love this. The rack came in two separate pieces. When put together it was too tall for my cabinet, so I left the pieces separate and it worked out great. Frying pans one rack; sauté pans on another. I would definitely purchase again." —Carrine Totten

    "Fits and works perfectly! It was easy to put together too, and honestly I wish I had bought something like this years ago as it will keep all of my non-scratch pans unscratched vs the pyramid-style stack I had them in." —Sarah W.

    ...and even put it to work holding things like baking sheets, cutting boards, muffin tins, and more!

    "So wonderful that I ordered another one! The space above my double oven was essentially a black hole. Things would get pushed to the back and then forgotten. With this plate rack, I was able to store all my cookie sheets and jelly roll pans. I have so much room now that I ordered another one to place my large platters in." —WIGirl

    I mean...just imagine how much more organized your kitchen cabinets are about to be!!!

    "Um literally so obsessed with opening this cabinet door now!!!! Makes it look so organized, nice and clean ahh I just love it!!! Don't know how I lived without it..was really sick of this cabinet until I got this holder!" —Frannee Kae

    "It was better quality than I thought it would be. It worked perfect. Definitely helped organize the cabinet of pots and pans. Made a cluttered mess into an organized functional space. Would recommend it to anybody. My cabinet was just a pile of pots and pans stacked on top of each other — very unproductive and unorganized. Now I can just reach in and grab the fry pan I want and it left plenty of room for my pots to stay to the right. You could not even see the bottom of my cabinet before. Thanks again for a good product." —kencolleen

    Extra space on top of your fridge? It's the perfect spot for this awesome little rack.

    "This pot rack works great in our new apartment which has limited storage space in the kitchen. It sits on top of the fridge and holds all my frying pans, from the big 12" size down to the 7" size. It holds my favorite lid as well. It's stable and doesn't make and rattling sounds. I use most of my pans daily and this has turned out to be a perfect storage solution." —Kate O

    And at $15 a pop, you may even want to consider buying more than one if you have a ton of stuff to organize.

    "I connected two of these by removing end plugs and using 1/2 dowel rod to 'lock' them together. Then to stabilize to I was going to use strapping but I just had this spare ruler left over from a promo bag from local hardware store. Stable enough for my cast iron. And yes I know cast iron doesn’t scratch but my others do and I hate digging for the pan I want. Note: I built these cabinets so they are all 3/4 ply. I would not suggest with cheap, flimsy cabinets if the top can not be stabilized." —D

    "I ordered two after reading the reviews. Our 'stacked' pans were getting annoying....and heavy to keep moving, plus I had all the lids. I had a smaller item like this that I used for lids, but it wasn't working in that area. I put our most-used pans on one, with the deeper skillet on top. Perfect! Then the second one in the less used area of the cabinet for my stainless steel pans, plus my Pampered Chef grill pan on top. Perfect again. I used the smaller one for the lids and my cabinet looks and functions great! So happy I saw this! It has made our lives so much easier! I did not attach to the cabinet. It stands perfectly fine." —Robyn Sheets

    Heck, it even moonlights as a pizza-pie holder!

    "It's a great rack — use It for holding pizzas before cooking them on the grill!" —Dimmer 333

    So helpful, so simple, so multipurpose, so cheap.


    Get it from Amazon for $14.97+ (available in bronze and chrome).

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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