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    34 Seriously Gorgeous Wedding Rings You Can Get On Etsy

    From classic designs to nontraditional bands, forever rings to suit every taste.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of stunning sandcast rings made with recycled metal that can even be personalized with the sand of your choice for a truly unique band.

    2. A sleek tungsten wedding band whose inner lining is made from a genuine white oak whisky barrel, for the couple who appreciate a fine aged spirit (and/or a very cool ring).

    3. A gold ring with pretty lace-design detailing that'll turn heads from now until forever.

    4. A vintage-inspired 18K-gold band with scalloped diamonds as timeless as your love is.

    5. A brushed-gold band that takes the classic ring up a notch with some subtle detailing.

    6. A distressed ring made using ethically sourced New Zealand gold or recycled silver, for the eco-friendly couple with amazing taste.

    7. A set of hammered sterling silver and recycled 14K yellow gold rings that'll have literally everyone asking, "Where'd you get those?"

    8. A sweet gold band for the person who's never going to leaf you.

    9. A classy gold ring that puts a subtle ~twist~ on the traditional wedding band.

    10. A classic band with the option of a matte finish for the to-be-wedded couple with minimalist style.

    11. A two-toned wedding band that can be customized to any gold color combination, for the pair who know that two golds are always better than one.

    12. A charming vintage-style silver band that'll have you saying, "Diamonds? I don't know her."

    13. A pretty and delicate nontraditional ring for a love that's forever playing on loop. *sheds tear*

    14. Quite possibly the cutest diamond engagement ring and wedding band set that this planet has to offer.

    15. An ultra-thin full-eternity wedding band glistening with diamonds, for the person who loves their bling but appreciates a delicate design.

    16. A dazzling half-eternity diamond ring that's the literal definition of elegance.

    17. A set of beautiful bespoke wedding rings crafted from fair-mined, eco-responsible gold, for the couple whose love for the earth is just as real as their love for each other.

    18. A pair of striking Gibeon meteorite gold and titanium wedding bands, so you'll have a ring that's just as unique as your relationship is.

    19. A super-quaint branch ring for the nature-loving pair who are ready to put down some roots.

    20. A titanium and rose-gold ring that's as debonair as they come.

    21. A classic wedding-ring set made with recycled gold, so your "something old" is covered in the most gorgeous way.

    22. A head-turning diamond nesting ring that'll be the perfect complement to your engagement ring.

    23. A breathtaking twisted band with black and white diamonds, because you're a little extra and you know you shouldn't have to choose just one for your wedding ring.

    24. A set of minimalist bands in yellow gold and white gold so chic you'll never want to take them off.

    25. A geometric textured band as unique as the ~shape~ of your love is.

    26. A diamond eternity ring set with the gemstone of your choice — because life is short and you might as well rock a vibrant ring on your finger forever!

    27. A handsome and rustic-looking hammered titanium band with a wooden inner that's a wonderful choice for outdoorsy types.

    28. An Art Deco-esque titanium ring with rose gold and silver detailing for the person who has your (he)art.

    29. A sophisticated and modern gold band with textured detailing that gives it subtle little something special.

    30. A set of simple two-toned rings made with 18k gold and sterling silver, for the yin to your yang.

    31. A rose-gold five-petal flower ring to represent a love that's eternally in bloom.

    32. A brilliant vintage-style gold band set with conflict-free diamonds that'll shine as bright as your love does. (Aw.)

    33. An edgy wedding band for the particularly bold nonconformist (or the proud Misfits fan).

    34. And a pair of whimsical, marvelous rings for travelers perfect for the couple who's about to say "I do (want to explore the world with you forever)."

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