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40 Quirky Styles For The Cat Lover's Wardrobe

Let the world in on your crazy cat lady (or fella) status without resorting to rolling out the door covered in furballs.

1. Having a bad day? Tiny little cat heads floating in space will fix that for you in two shakes.

2. All your favorite breeds climbing up your legs at once — totally dreamy.

3. Kittens and ice cream. KITTENS. AND. ICE CREAM. ahhhhhhgjjdkdhjmksah

4. Are you shrieking yet?

5. This skirt is basically what happened after someone threw up rainbows, collected them in a pile, and sewed them all together while lying in bed with, like, 70 cats.

6. A scarf for the most sophisticated of feline enthusiasts.

7. And something for the sillier among them.

8. Let's be real: This is a serious bootie even the cat h8ers can appreciate.

9. And there are these, if you're OK with people trying to cuddle with your earlobes.

10. More like the prince of Purrrrrsia, am I right?

11. Only thing cuter would be a real one draped around your shoulders.

12. I mean.

13. Sweet, demure, and just a little bit freaky — like your favorite sphynx.

14. The Holy Grail of feline-themed footwear.

15. Feeling chilly? Cozy up to this sweatshirt AND the idea of being smothered in a pile of lovable cloned cats.

16. Because cats are people too.

17. Nothing's more punk than throwing up hairballs on your brand-new carpet then immediately jumping in bed to snuggle with you. Pay your cat some homage already.

18. These shoes are so cute, I kind of just want to hang them up on my wall.

19. Cat ladies can be street-savvy and stylish too: a true triple threat.

20. Take your crop top game into fall and winter with this fun little print.

21. Trust me: The whole cats in glasses thing will never get old.

22. Classy and ethereal, like a little Persian kitty light on his paws.

23. Use this as swimsuit cover-up or, you know, just to look cute while wearing a neon cat face.

24. Get your laser goth-cat style on.

25. For smiles on even the gloomiest rainy days.

26. Squeeee.

27. You know how when you go to the beach you just miss your cat so much and wish she could be there with you? Yeah, you're welcome:

Pussy Cat Triangle Top and String Bikini by Mr. Gugu and Miss Go, €19 each

28. Dapper cats are an excellent choice for back-to-school style.

29. This fun printed skimmer turns every day into Caturday.

30. Sometimes, you just need to make a bold statement about how much cats mean to you.

31. Protip: Carry cat treats in the smaller purse in case you run into any hungry strays.

32. Keep cats close to your heart in this adorable crop top.

33. Looking like a badass babe comes easy with some studs and a few cat faces.

34. For when getting another real cat tattoo is maybe just too much at this point.

35. Splash around in the sea having just as much fun as your kitty does...uh, sleeping.

36. It's a scientific fact* that you can never have too many pairs of cat leggings.

37. Feeling edgy? Say it with cats.

38. Feeling metal? You can say that with cats as well, it turns out.

39. Feeling sweet and chic? WOW GUESS WHAT: Cats can help here too.

And, of course, something for your kitty...

40. A lion hat, for the avant-garde feline in your life.