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40 Quirky Styles For The Cat Lover's Wardrobe

Let the world in on your crazy cat lady (or fella) status without resorting to rolling out the door covered in furballs.

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5. This skirt is basically what happened after someone threw up rainbows, collected them in a pile, and sewed them all together while lying in bed with, like, 70 cats.

17. Nothing's more punk than throwing up hairballs on your brand-new carpet then immediately jumping in bed to snuggle with you. Pay your cat some homage already.

36. It's a scientific fact* that you can never have too many pairs of cat leggings.


Three Sneaky Cats Leggings by Rabbit and Eye, at Etsy, $28

*not really a scientific fact but it's still true

And, of course, something for your kitty...

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